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Program Offerings

Over his years in ministry, David has participated in a wide array of programs. His ability and willingness to adapt to the needs of different events is what makes him a favorite, especially among church leaders. Even though these events vary in appearance, they can usually be categorized into the categories below.

Worship Leader/Concert Artist: There are worship leaders and there are concert artists, and there is a small group of people that do both.  David Hugo is one of those people. Many times people who have come to an event with David expecting a concert often walk away expressing how much they enjoyed the time of worship. There are also occasions when people leave a conference completely blessed by the message that David brought through song. From the beginning of his career, he has artfully and prayerfully blended touching people’s lives through music while leading them into the presence of God.

Worship Workshops:

You don’t have to spend much time around David to realize that he is all about helping other worship leaders. He loves spending time with them, talking with them, and equipping them the best he can.  Many of the conferences and places where David sings, he also holds workshops and breakout sessions for worship leaders to talk about the realities of the job. He loves helping other worship leaders navigate the ever-changing dynamic of leading congregations into the presence of God. If you are interested in having David speak for a conference, it would do nothing but delight him to share fellowship with other worship leaders who might be in attendance.


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